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Shaanxi Fast 10 Speed AMT Transmission

Fast S Series Truck AMT adopts TCU to control the shift control system, clutch control system and engine, shift and clutch, engine speed, road conditions, and automatically controls the switch gear according to the TCU state and accelerator, so as to realize the automatic transmission system. After years of research and development, Fast Integrated AMT has completed more than 500,000 kilometers of high temperature, plateau, alpine, mountain and other environmental tests, and has been assembled on some domestic dems. High cost performance, good fuel economy, reliable operation. Product versatility and other advantages, while further improving vehicle safety, comfort and driving efficiency.

Advantages of 10 Speed AMT Transmission

1. Integrated shift control Unit (SCU) and central pneumatic clutch actuator (CPCA).
2. Lightweight all-aluminum gold shell makes the appearance more concise, compact and beautiful.
3. Forced lubrication cooling system plus double intermediate shaft, general gear, grinding gear design and innovative integrated shift mechanism.
4. Additional multiple matching schemes, high-performance shaft end brake components.

Fast 10 Speed AMT Series Tranmisssion

This is the list of all series of Fast 5 Speed AMT Series Tranmisssion.

Fast 10JZSD120 AMT Transmission

Input Torque:1200 N.m
Maximum Speed:2600 RPM
Length:825.41 mm
Weight Iron/Al Alloy:275 Kg
Speed Ratio:14.872-11.009

Fast 10JZSD160 AMT Transmission

Input Torque:1600 N.m
Maximum Speed:2600 RPM
Length:857.00 mm
Weight Iron/Al Alloy:285 Kg
Speed Ratio:14.917-1.000

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