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Shaanxi Fast 2 Speed Energy Powertrain Transmission

FAST 2 Speed Energy Powertrain Transmission series is a transmission assembly specially developed by Shaanxi Faster Automotive Transmission Group for pure electric vehicles. The input torque of this series is 500/1100 N.m, with two gears. Mainly used in 7-12 meters passenger cars and 7T-15T minivan and light trucks; The series transmission design is novel, using a single box structure, full sliding sleeve shift, simple structure, high reliability, long service life. Transmission speed ratio configuration is reasonable, the use of fine and high tooth design, gear meshing smooth, transmission noise is low, clear gear, flexible shift, a variety of control forms, can use electric, pneumatic structure. Advanced production technology. The processing of each part of the transmission has the international advanced machine tools (mainly numerical control, machining center), heat treatment equipment (IPSEN continuous furnace and Aixelin box furnace) as the guarantee, the production of important parts in the special production line.

Advantages of 2 Speed EV

1. Adopt special sliding sleeve, cancel synchronizer structure, greatly reduce transmission assembly failure.
2. The pneumatic gear shifting actuator adopts the direct shift mode, the shift time is less than 0.6s, and the shift is smoother. It has been through more than 30 million consecutive bench experiments, with high reliability and fully meeting the life cycle.
3. Effectively improve the driving range of the vehicle, extending the driving journey by more than 20% (compared with direct drive).
4. The system has high transmission efficiency, advanced control technology and wide range of vehicle application.

Fast 2 Speed Energy Powertrain Tranmisssion

This is the list of all series of Fast 2 Speed Energy Powertrain Tranmisssion.


Fast EV60-2E50 EV Transmission

Input Torque:1375 N.m
Maximum Speed:4500 RPM
Length:644x436x562 mm
Weight Iron/Al Alloy:130 Kg
Speed Ratio:2.751-1.000

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