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A 5-Fold Surge, Why can Fast Expand its Advantages in the New Energy Era?

May 31, 2022 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

50% of the new energy heavy trucks in the fire in 2021 will be fast! In 2022, Fast New Energy aims to occupy 60% of the market share!

Can Fast, which has an absolute advantage in the traditional power heavy truck transmission market, continue to be strong in the new energy era?

In 2021, the most popular segment of the truck market is the new energy heavy truck. According to the data of compulsory traffic insurance obtained by, from January to November, the cumulative sales of domestic new energy heavy trucks increased significantly by 222.4% year-on-year!

Fast new energy products are growing faster! In 2021, the cumulative sales volume is expected to increase by more than 5 times, and the market share will exceed 50%!

According to reports, Fast’s new energy products basically cover mainstream commercial vehicles, construction machinery, mining vehicles and new vehicle manufacturers. new energy automatic transmission).

Fast has been deeply involved in transmissions for more than 50 years, and has a deep understanding and technical accumulation of commercial vehicle transmission systems. The new energy products developed for the operation scenarios of new energy trucks continue the advantages of Fast product reliability, transmission efficiency and economy. After the practical test of extreme operation scenarios such as Qinghai Delingha in recent years, Fast new energy transmission system has fully proved the value of efficient operation for users.

In 2021, mining trucks will match Fast new energy products and operate in nearly 10 mining areas in Qinghai, Fujian, Shandong, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia, etc., showing good reliability; pure electric vehicles equipped with Fast 6E240 new energy products Mixer trucks and pure electric dump trucks are delivered to users in batches in Zhengzhou and Guangzhou respectively; hydrogen fuel cell tractors delivered in Baoding and Xiamen are also equipped with Fast new energy products. In addition, there are new energy logistics vehicles equipped with the Fast 4E50 new energy system to go to overseas markets, and there are more than 300 vehicles in Colombia.

The relevant person in charge of Fast said, “Fast’s new energy products represented by 6E240 have become the ‘star products’ in the new energy heavy truck market. In 2021, the volume will be faster. In 2022, in the environmental protection upgrade and dual carbon goals Under the background of landing, new energy heavy trucks are expected to continue to grow, and our goal is to increase the market share to 60%.”

Fast gearbox is an important link in the golden power chain of traditional power heavy trucks. Why does Fast still occupy an important position in the golden power chain in the new energy era?

This is mainly due to: Fast’s advantages in the research and development of transmission system products, and a complete system of sales, research and development, and service. “New energy subsidies are declining year by year, and the real entry into market-oriented competition is the test of comprehensive solutions. Fast has mastered its own core technology, and its products have been rapidly iterated and matured, which can well meet the upgrading needs of new energy users. At the same time, Fast has There are more than 3,500 service stations across the country, and the after-sales service responds faster. During the cultivation and promotion stage of the new energy market, Fast’s super moving service has effectively dispelled users’ doubts.”


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