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Constantly Innovating Fast

Aug 5, 2022 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

Shaanxi Fast Auto Transmission Group Co., Ltd., relying on continuous deepening of reforms over the years, has established a development path based on technical talents and led by scientific and technological innovation. It ranks first in the world in annual production and sales of heavy-duty vehicle transmissions.
With the continuous deepening of the three-year reform of state-owned enterprises, Fast has paid more attention to the construction and training of the talent team in recent years, and has specially set up a “five-star employee” skill promotion evaluation channel for industrial workers. The enthusiasm of technical talents to learn.

“In recent years, intelligence and digitization have put forward subversive requirements for industrial workers. After opening up the talent channel, the employees are motivated and quickly grow into compound talents with job requirements. This also provides a source of continuous development for Fast. Constant momentum.” said Chen Bing, chairman of the Fast Group trade union.

Technological innovation also has a specific focus for Fast, that is, to always be at the forefront of industry technology and grasp the pulse of technological revolution.”Fast adheres to the R&D concept of ‘production generation, trial production generation, R&D generation, conception generation’ and the iterative rule of ‘self-elimination’, and has formed more than 30 series, hundreds of varieties, and more than 1,000 product types in more than 10 years. Spectrum.” Ma Xuyao, general manager of Fast Group, said, “Currently, Fast has more than 1,700 core technology patents, and has won many international and domestic awards.”

Today, Fast is making every effort to develop new energy commercial vehicle transmissions, and has taken the lead in mastering the core technology of new energy transmissions in the industry. According to reports, Fast’s new energy transmission is light in overall weight, high in reliability and high in transmission efficiency. Its new energy electric drive products have been widely used in trucks, buses, construction machinery and mining vehicles in many places around the world, especially special vehicles that need to operate in high temperature, high cold and high altitude areas for a long time.

“In 2021, the sales of Fast’s new energy products will increase by more than 5 times, and the second-generation new energy products with higher cost performance will be launched within this year.” said Liu Wen, general manager of Fast Group’s New Energy Division. In order to continuously improve production capacity and improve production quality, Fast identified the “new direction” as the empowerment of comprehensive digital transformation. Through the upgrade of more than 100 production lines, the numerical control rate of Fast’s key processes has reached 98%.

On this basis, Fast has built two new “smart factories”. Through the design and construction of automatic production lines of the whole process, the whole process can be fully realized without manual intervention, and the production will be non-stop around the clock and in the whole time period, which truly meets the requirements of the “black light factory”. requirements.

At present, Fast has a comprehensive production capacity of 1.2 million automobile transmissions, 50 million gears and 200,000 tons of automobile castings and forgings, of which the domestic market share of heavy commercial vehicle transmissions exceeds 70%. In 2021, Fast will sell a total of 1.16 million transmission assemblies and achieve sales revenue of 22 billion yuan.

“With the success of digital transformation, Fast’s production efficiency will continue to increase by 70%, energy consumption will be reduced by 14%, and the per capita output value will increase by 5 times. It is estimated that by 2025, the company’s annual sales revenue will exceed 50 billion yuan and will continue to grow in The position of ‘world number one’ will be firmly in prison.” Ma Xuyao said.

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