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Digital Quality Management Innovation and Practice

Oct 12, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

In recent years, Fast has always adhered to the management philosophy of “quality first, quality is king, and brand wins”, continuously promotes high-quality development of the enterprise, comprehensively improves quality planning, quality control, and quality improvement levels, and provides a strong basis for the strategic development of the enterprise. of support. Especially the first “black light factory” built by Fast, through the application of 5G network and Internet of Things technology, production equipment is digitally and intelligently interconnected, multiple information systems are deeply integrated, and online digital detection and multi-source heterogeneous data are used Innovative technologies such as sensing, statistical process control, and data closed-loop have formed a complete process from quality plan planning, automatic issuance of inspection plans and measurement procedures, task-driven inspection execution, measurement data collection, online process monitoring and early warning, to the optimization of the entire process. The new quality closed-loop model has achieved practical results of reliable quality, improved efficiency, and reduced costs. It has realized the digitalization of the entire business process of the enterprise, transparent process control, and refined quality management, and vigorously promoted the innovation and practice of enterprise digital quality management.

The China Quality Conference is an international quality exchange and cooperation platform led by my country and has been successfully held for four sessions. This conference has the theme of “Quality Change and Cooperation in Economic Recovery” and has 8 sub-forums. The “Digital Quality Management Innovation and Practice” sub-forum selected 70 selected cases, including 25 typical cases. This is a comprehensive survey of the innovation and practice of digital quality management across the country. It is also a concentrated display of innovation experience, promoting digital quality management to be in-depth, practical, effective, and jointly constructed and shared.


Being recognized in the national top-level selection activities not only comprehensively demonstrates Fast’s remarkable achievements in continuously promoting quality management innovation and deepening the application of quality technology, but also further enhances the confidence of corporate quality managers in strengthening digital quality management. and determination.


As a leading enterprise in the industry, Fast will adhere to the quality concept of “quality-oriented, independent innovation, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction”, firmly establish the concept of big quality, continue to promote comprehensive quality management, strictly abide by quality standards, use modern management methods, and effectively Promote the implementation of corporate quality main responsibilities, the application, promotion and innovation of advanced quality management methods, and use practical actions to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and the improvement of corporate quality and efficiency.


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