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Electric Bus is Leading the Way

May 31, 2022 | China News | 0 comments

Some experts have predicted that the transition from pure electric buses to medium-sized buses will be one of the trends of the new energy buses in the future. The reason is that compared with pure electric large passenger cars, the price of pure electric medium-sized buses is more easily accepted by the market. In the real operation, 6 to 8 meters pure electric bus can enjoy a subsidy of 300,000 yuan, plus local subsidies, the actual price of medium-sized pure electric bus and conventional bus is nearly the same, and medium electric bus has obvious advantages in operating costs, so the promotion will be relatively easy.

The actual operation of pure electric mini bus and urban microcirculation pure electric bus in Beijing City and Qingdao City results that the medium-sized electric bus are welcomed by more and more operators. This trend will affect the research and development direction of bus manufacturing industry.

The following is the introduction of two medium-sized electric cars, CSR era electric ”super bus”, 8 meters pure electric bus. This is the successful development of pure electric super bus for the first batch of sales, Zhuzhou county has become the first to apply pure electric buses in Hunan county-level cities. It is reported that the total length of the car is only 8.2 meters. Due to the short front and rear suspension design, the wheelbase is 5.3 meters long, which is the same as that of 10 meters bus. Long wheelbase makes this brand new 8 meters medium-sized bus turn into a nearly 10 meters class bus.With magical carrying-passenger space, the number of passengers goes up to 60, even in the peak operating period, the car can also easily cope.

Jinlong also independently developed a pure electric small cell micro vehicle – XMQ6661AGBEV, known as the “lightning knight” in the new energy vehicles. Because of its small size, the car is suitable for micro circulation, airport VIP ferry, city bus and rail transit and so on. It can easily travel through the narrow streets of large communities and old urban areas. Although it is small, but it has large capacity. Adopting the electric design, shortening the vehicle rear suspension, longering the wheelbase and enhancing the space inside the vehicle make the vehicle seat 9+1, car standing area of 4.4 square meters and the maximum capacity up to 45 people, which is equivalent to that of 8 meters car.

When it comes to the problem of charging, which is the most concerned of pure electric products, the use of high-tech electric core and the national standard charging port make the charging current 250A at the highest. Charging time from all out to full power is only 15~20 minutes, and a single charge covers endurance mileage of 100 km. In actual use, it takes only 8~10 minutes to recharge the battery after a single cycle, which meets the needs of the city’s mini bus operation to the full extent. After technical innovation, battery lifespan has been extended to 6~8 years, without updating in the vehicle life cycle.


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