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Shaanxi Fast F7A Series Automated Transmission

The F7A Series Automated Transmission uses the FAST automatic transmission, has 7 front gears, the transmission ratio step arrangement is reasonable, has very outstanding fuel economy. Adopt hydraulic automatic transmission. The F7A Series Automated Transmission has seven gears, each with a different reduction ratio. FAST AT series transmission has different models, model name with code FC means the transmission is Xi ‘an FC transmission, model name with code a means hydraulic automatic transmission.
Xi ‘an FC Intelligent Transmission Co., Ltd. uses the world’s most advanced high-precision equipment production. Machining, with DMG, Okuma, Mazak CNC turning compound machining center, Okuma large CNC transverse machining center, Mitsubishi CNC hobbing shaping machine, advanced CNC vertical internal broaching machine, Kronberg precision CNC grinder and Karp grinding machine gear and other equipment. Heat treatment production lines are made of professional Aiailin equipment. The assembly line is equipped with first-class hardware. This advanced production equipment has laid a solid foundation for creating excellent hydraulic transmission products!

Advantages of F7A Series AT

1.It is synchronized with CMI’ advanced design and sophisticated manufacturing, adapts to harsh working conditions, and has high-intensity and heavy-duty work capabilities.
2.The Holset wastegate valve makes the low speed performance more perfect and the power performance better.
3.The cylinder block and cylinder head adopt integrated design to prevent the occurrence of engine water and oil leakage. The parts are 40% less than other similar engines, and the failure rate is greatly reduced.
4.Using forged steel camshaft and crankshaft, high-strength cylinder design, many parts are cast on the cylinder, with high rigidity, good reliability and longer service life.

Fast F7A Series AT Tranmisssion

This is the list of all series of Fast F7A Series AT Tranmisssion.

Fast F7A180 AT Transmission

Input Torque:1830 N.m
Maximum Speed:2400 RPM
Length:1060 mm
Weight Iron/Al Alloy:360 Kg
Speed Ratio:8.880-0.650

Fast F7A180DP AT Transmission

Input Torque:1830 N.m
Maximum Speed:2400 RPM
Length:1060 mm
Weight Iron/Al Alloy:408 Kg
Speed Ratio:8.880-0.650

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