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Fast EV430-4E300 EV Transmission

FAST EV430-4E300 is Fast New Energy Electric drive product has 4 forward gears, the gear ratio steps are arranged reasonably, And the pneumatic shift actuator adopts direct shift mode. With single intermediate shaft structure design. With power takeoff, the input power of the EV430-4E300 transmission can reach up to 590 kW, and the maximum input speed is 3500 RPM. The length of the EV430-4E300 transmission is 1758 mm.  and the reduction ratio of each gear is different. The 1st gear reduction ratio is 6.508, 2nd gear reduction ratio is 3.995, 3rd gear reduction ratio is 2.123, 4th gear reduction ratio is 1.000. The input torque of the EV430-4E300 EV transmission is 19524N.m.

FAST New Energy Electric drive series have different models, with code E in the model name indicates ETM transmission.

Based on the advantages of technology research and development in the traditional transmission field for many years, Fast Group has independently developed electric drive products according to customer needs through many new energy market researches. Compared with pure electric direct drive products, the structure is more compact, the control is more comfortable, and the climbing The slope is more powerful, the energy saving is more significant, the system is more reliable, and the economy and applicability of the vehicle are further improved. The products cover the fields of commercial vehicles and construction machinery in an all-round way.

1. It is synchronized with CMI’ advanced design and sophisticated manufacturing, adapts to harsh working conditions, and has high-intensity and heavy-duty work capabilities.
2. The Holset wastegate valve makes the low speed performance more perfect and the power performance better.
3. The cylinder block and cylinder head adopt integrated design to prevent the occurrence of engine water and oil leakage. The parts are 40% less than other similar engines, and the failure rate is greatly reduced.
4. Using forged steel camshaft and crankshaft, high-strength cylinder design, many parts are cast on the cylinder, with high rigidity, high pressure resistance, good reliability and longer service life.
5. The cylinder liner adopts a platform mesh honing design, which effectively prevents oil leakage with a perfect geometric structure, and adopts advanced technology such as new piston ring components and gasket crimping molding to reduce oil loss.

Technical Specifications

Basic Introduction of Shaanxi Fast EV430-4E300 EV

Transmission Model: EV430-4E300
Transmission Application: New Energy Powertrain
Input Torque: 19521 N.m
Maximum Speed: 3500 RPM
Installation length:

1758 mm

Weight Iron/Al Alloy: 893 Kg
Fuel Quantity: 8.4 L
Speed Ratio: 6.508-1
Lead Time: 15-30 Working Days
Payment Terms: T/T ,L/C
The picture of Performance Curve-DCEC Cummins Industrial Engine

Transmission Model

Max. Output Torque

Total Weight

Length x Width x Height

EV60-4E50 2004 N.m 140 Kg 738x436x436 mm
EV60-4E50-1 1442 N.m 111 Kg 777x430x426 mm
EV110-4E50-B 7704 N.m 245 Kg 1047x478x493 mm
EV105-4E120 6706 N.m 488 Kg 1041X520X831 mm
EV100-4E150 6199 N.m 600 Kg 1107x680x536 mm
EV430-4E280 25477 N.m 898 Kg 1758X618X669 mm
EV430-4E300 19524 N.m 893 Kg 1758X618X669 mm

Shaanxi Fast EV430-4E300 EV-Energy Powertrain Transmission Data Sheet

System Model EV430-4E300 Max. Output TorqueN.m 19524
Total Weight(Kg) 893 Length x Width x Height(mm) 1758X618X669
Rated Power(kW) 430 Peak Power(kW) 540
Rated TorqueN.m 2720 Peak TorqueN.m 4800
Max. Speed(RPM) 3500 / /

Shaanxi Fast EV430-4E300 EV-Energy PowertrainTransmission Parameter

Transmission Model 4E300 Input TorqueN.m 3000
Input Power(kW) 590 Max. Speed(RPM) 3500
Oil(L) 8.4 Weight(Kg) 360
Overall Speed Ratio 1.253 Max. Output TorqueN.m 700

Gear Ratio of Shaanxi Fast EV430-4E300 EV-Energy Powertrain Transmission

1st Gear 6.508 2nd Gear 3.995 3rd Gear 2.123
4th Gear 1 R1 / R2 /

Scopes of Supply of Shaanxi Fats EV430-4E300 New Energy Powertrain

1. Single Box 2. Gearbox 3. Remote Controller
4. TCU Controller 5. Motor

Optional Accessories of Shaanxi Fast EV430-4E300 New Energy Powertrain

1. brake 2. power takeoff

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