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Fast Global Industrial Layout Accelerates

Oct 17, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Walking into the black light factory of Fast Gaozhi New Technology Co., Ltd., dozens of robotic arms are busy on the production line, and there is not a single worker in the huge workshop. “This is a new generation of digital factory we have built based on Industry 4.0, and all business is completed driven by data.” Fast’s staff introduced. On October 14, the 2023 “Belt and Road” Media Cooperation Forum Eurasian mainstream media delegation came to Fast Company to learn about the innovative achievements of this heavy-duty vehicle transmission manufacturer, as well as its active integration into the “Belt and Road” and accelerating the globalization of the industry. The process of layout.

Fast Global Industrial Layout Accelerates

Eurasian mainstream media delegation visited Fast exhibition hall 

The relevant person in charge of Fast Group said that the national “Belt and Road” initiative has brought new development opportunities to the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, giving Fast’s products a broader market, further releasing production capacity, and boosting enterprises. Innovation, upgrading and development.

Fast Global Industrial Layout Accelerates

The Eurasian mainstream media delegation communicated with Fast management. Photo by Yu Sinan

Fast is located in Xi’an High-tech Zone. It is understood that Xi’an High-tech Zone has seized the opportunities of the “Belt and Road” construction and actively integrated into the new domestic and international dual-circulation development pattern, becoming one of the regions with the best investment environment and the highest level of openness in the central and western regions of my country. The relevant person in charge of Xi’an High-tech Zone said that Xi’an High-tech Zone will continue to actively integrate into the “One Belt and One Road” initiative, use policy dividends such as free trade pilot zones to further enhance the level of opening up to the outside world, and create a new highland for the inland open economy.


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