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Fast has A Strong Scientific Research Force

May 12, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Fast Group Company has successively won the honorary titles of “National May 1st Labor Certificate”, “Top Ten Typical State-owned Enterprises”, “National Home of Model Workers” and the qualifications of “National Enterprise Technology Center” and “National Innovative Pilot Enterprise”. It is listed as “automobile parts export base enterprise” and the first batch of “automobile parts remanufacturing pilot enterprises” in China; Fast trademark was rated as “China famous trademark”; Fast gear products won the national certificate of “product quality exemption”. “Development Project of Mechanical Automatic Transmission for Heavy Vehicles” was listed in the National “863 Plan”; Fast Automotive Transmission Engineering Research Institute has obtained the qualification of “National Enterprise Technology Center” and has been identified as “Academician Expert Workstation” and “13115” scientific and technological innovation engineering unit in Shaanxi Province. With the establishment of “National Enterprise Technology Center” and “Academician Expert Workstation”, FAST has built a domestic first-class scientific and technological R&D system and independent innovation system, launched a new engine of scientific and technological leadership, innovation-driven, technical support and rapid development, formed a new pattern of integrating Industry-University-Research with complementary development of domestic and foreign market advantages, and laid a new and more solid foundation for independent innovation and scientific and technological progress of enterprises.

Fast has A Strong Scientific Research Force

Relying on scientific and technological progress and independent innovation, Fast Group has formed a comprehensive production capacity of annual production and sales of 1 million automobile transmissions, 50 million gears and 100,000 tons of automobile forgings. Automobile transmission products have achieved all-round coverage in the 4th-24th gear market, and are widely matched with various models such as heavy vehicles, buses, light and medium trucks, engineering vehicles, mining vehicles and low-speed trucks with an input torque of 400-3000 Nm. They have been selected as fixed-point supporting products by thousands of models of more than 150 domestic OEMs, and are widely exported to more than ten countries and regions such as the United States, Australia, Eastern Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The market share reached 80%, and the market possession reached 4 million units. The competitive strength and development strength of enterprises have been continuously enhanced, and the quality of life and living standards of employees have been significantly improved, making greater and greater contributions to the country and society. It has become a modern enterprise group with the fastest development speed, the strongest development strength, the highest development level and the largest development scale in China gear industry.

In the star rating of China automobile service brand, Fast won the highest award “Five-star automobile service brand” year after year, becoming the only listed enterprise in the national gear industry; In China International Truck Fuel-saving Competition, Fast Transmission won the “Fuel-saving Achievement Award” and “Most Fuel-saving Transmission Award” for five consecutive years. In the “China Automobile Independent Innovation Achievement Ceremony”, four new transmission products of Fast won the “Original Innovation Award” and “Integrated Innovation Award” respectively, and the total number of winning projects ranked first in the assembly parts industry.

Fast has A Strong Scientific Research Force

In the process of innovation and development, Fast Group has continuously accelerated the pace of international cooperation, and has successively established good strategic cooperative relations with world-renowned brand enterprises such as Caterpillar Company of the United States, Veboco Automotive Control System Company of Germany and Shell Company of the United Kingdom, and has gone abroad to establish the first wholly-owned overseas factory of Fast in Thailand, which has opened the door for the practice of enterprise globalization and created a new situation of enterprise globalization, diversification and high-end development.



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