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Fast Makes Innovation and R&D Full of Vitality

May 5, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

“Strong process manufacturing, R&D strength, verification means, rich and diverse application scenarios, big data accumulation and recognition of our products by domestic and foreign users are the key to Fast’s foothold in the industry. Fast has worked hard for a long time, just to hand over more advanced and reliable products to users, so that users can afford them and use them well. ” Yan Jianbo said that Faster has more than 2,700 patents, and more than 580 patents were filed in 2022 alone. Through years of technology accumulation, Faster has built a positive R&D platform, thus ensuring that enterprises can grasp the trend and lead the industry in the new round of high-quality development.This is also the key to Fast’s “good start” in the first quarter.
From January to March, 2023, Faster’s sales revenue increased by more than 35% year-on-year, and its export earnings increased by nearly 85%, which was due to its “three anchoring” phased market strategic layout. First, anchor the customer first, break through key products, and increase the promotion efforts around intelligent products such as hydraulic retarder, AT and AMT transmission and new energy electric drive system; Second, anchor the global layout and fight for the international market. On the one hand, increase the global layout of the international business of the headquarters, on the other hand, support the regional development of overseas subsidiaries such as Fast Thailand Company, and realize the simultaneous improvement of international development and global influence; Third, anchor the number of intelligent empowerment, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and actively participate in the construction of smart factories, green factories and black light factories to achieve double improvement in quality and efficiency.


Innovation and R&D are Full of Vitality


“All digitalization, networking, automation and intelligence must be based on solid technological manufacturing, which is an effective carrier for Faster to run with all its strength.” A few days ago, the smart manufacturing case of “Smart Factory with Advanced Manufacturing of Commercial Vehicle Transmission System and Information Technology Integration” declared by Fast was successfully selected into the list of typical demonstration cases of digital economy in Shaanxi Province. Fast Hi-Tech New Technology Company, which represents the highest level of intelligent manufacturing in the industry, has fully demonstrated the strength of fast intelligent manufacturing and the vitality of digital quality development. Its automatic, stable cost-effective and flexible process system has realized the transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, and it is a future factory integrating “transparency, green, digital, intelligence, black light and lean” and created a new model of intelligent manufacturing in the field of automobile transmission. In particular, the “black light factory” built with “super automation” and “artificial intelligence” applies the integration of AGV, industrial robots and information systems, making the automation rate of production line and logistics reach 100%. By applying the six core technologies of “digital twinning, black light production, internet of everything, intelligent decision-making, green manufacturing and data closed loop”, the unmanned black light production is truly realized. The forward-looking layout of digital transformation and development, the comprehensive mastery of intelligent manufacturing technology and the synergistic advantages of upstream and downstream industrial chains are the boosters of “Fast Speed”.

Innovation and R&D are Full of Vitality

With the gradual return to normal social economy and the successive implementation of various national economic stabilization policies, the commercial vehicle market will return to the rising channel. Yan Jianbo said that from the perspective of annual sales, the heavy truck industry will show a recovery growth trend in 2023, and the industry sales will increase by more than 20% year-on-year. In order to meet the challenge, Fast will persist in focusing on product innovation, international market and digital empowerment, and achieve high-quality development in catching up and surpassing.

A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation has formed a historic intersection with China’s accelerated transformation of economic development mode. Only by finding the main direction and breakthrough of scientific and technological innovation and making innovation and R&D full of vitality can we support this unprecedented technological revolution and productivity upgrade. Fast is responsible for revitalizing the national industry and the automobile industry, and shows the responsibility and responsibility of manufacturing and brand of big countries with “Fast Speed”.


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