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Fast New Energy Product “Lanchi” Brand Launched

Oct 14, 2022 | Industry Company Dynamics, News & Events | 0 comments

In September in Xi ‘an, the air is crisp and the fruit is fragrant. Fast Automotive Transmission Engineering Research Institute has colorful flags and a warm atmosphere. On the morning of September 19, the fourth “Science and Technology Innovation Week” of Faster with the theme of “Green Drive, Smart Win the future” opened in Faster Xi ‘an high-tech factory. Fast new energy products “blue Chi” brand was released, four new energy products appeared. Is this method because of the potential for science and technology innovation, and those routes should be dynamic and potential for strategic foresight, is the enterprise practice “double carbon” responsibility, the booster industry green transformation of achievements inspection, the depth of practice of innovation-driven strategy, further build the vitality of innovation ecosystem, achieve high level of science and technology enterprise free-standing self-improvement has important and far-reaching significance.

Jiang Zhuang, chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology academy of engineering, shaanxi province, shaanxi heavy truck, general manager of Beijing bao, method and group party secretary, chairman YanJian platinum, based manufacturing technology research institute party committee secretary Qiu Cheng lake yanxi, commissioner of achievements of shaanxi province department of Guo Wenqi, common law and the special new energy products “blue chi” brand name.

The new energy brand “Fast · Lanchi” means “blue whirlwind, green gallop”, which fully highlights the characteristics of Fast new energy products with superior performance, energy conservation and environmental protection. It has become a strategic engine to promote Fast to high-end and green development, and also a vane to lead the upgrading of commercial vehicles.

At the launch meeting, representatives of the main engine factory, head users and R&D personnel jointly unveiled, For the first time, Faster is committed to the commercial vehicle field of the latest research and development of four new energy products FS4E200-2 heavy truck integrated two-in-one electric drive system, mixing vehicle pure electric reducer FJE7200, F8HA95M card hybrid power system, passenger car three-in-one electric drive system FSJE13.

“The innovative development of China’s automobile industry will never be stalled by the temporary market downturn.” Yan Jianbo, chairman of the board of directors, pointed out in his speech that despite the severe and complex global epidemic and the sluggish growth of the world economy, China’s economy has always maintained a good momentum, and the trend of the rise of a major country and national rejuvenation has always been forward. Practice has proved that only the innovator, only the innovator is strong, only the innovator wins. Faust can only maintain a sense of crisis and urgency, accelerate the 14th five-year “4321” development strategy with the transformation of scientific and technological achievements against the clock, focus on the main industry, work for a long time, constantly challenge the restricted area of scientific research, accelerate the breakthrough of technical barriers, and realize a move and a step ahead in key technological fields. We will encourage enterprises to seize the development opportunities and win the strategic initiative in the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and contribute Fast’s wisdom and strength to building a strong country in science and technology and automobile.

On behalf of the enterprise, Chairman Yan Jianbo solemnly promises to the majority of customers across the country: With strong confidence and determination, France has the ability to respond to all kinds of risks and challenges. It has committed itself to the internationally-competitive, intelligent, high-end and diversified Riviring program to practice its “dual carbon” responsibility, lead the green development, and serve the users and the society with its strong sense of responsibility and gratitude for excellence. Promote the realization of OEMS, dealers, users and Faster win-win win-win situation!

Jiang Zhuangde, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of the Shaanxi Association for Science and Technology, praised Fast as an important national scientific and technological innovation enterprise and strategic scientific and technological force, which is moving faster and wider on the road of scientific and technological innovation. It is hoped that Faist will climb the peak of scientific and technological development, strengthen its independent innovation capacity, increase investment in scientific research, create a sound innovation ecology, speed up the realization of high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement, and strive to contribute its strength to the development of a science and technology strong enterprise, a science and technology strong province and a world science and technology power.

The Week will last five days. During this period, Faist held AMT Open Day activities, and invited many industry experts to give special speeches, academic exchanges, media meetings, and share and discuss the cutting-edge technology of the industry. Organize and carry out scientific and technological knowledge competition to improve the professional theoretical level of scientific and technological personnel. Leaders of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, industry experts, user representatives, service providers, news media and employees’ family members were invited to visit the “Science and Technology Innovation Fruits Exhibition”, and went to Faster Gaozhixin “Black light Factory” for on-site observation and guidance, and jointly witnessed the fruitful results of independent innovation of the enterprise. The test drive of new cars matching Fast AT, AMT, retarder and new energy products was also conducted at the same time. The visiting guests experienced the high-end comfort experience brought by Fast’s new products.

Science and technology make a nation stand, and strong science and technology make a country strong. Lighting development by innovation over the last fifty years a new engine, the method and unswervingly, focus in the field of automobile transmission system, around the main highlight, multiple, related product strategy constantly strong chain, chain, chain, rich product lines, provides the high quality at home and abroad for more than 150 hosts, auto transmission products and integrated solutions. From traditional mechanical transmission to automatic transmission, from hydraulic retarder to new energy electric drive system assembly, scientific research results emerge in endlessly, won the national Science and Technology Progress First Prize, China Industry Award and other national honors. Up to now, Faster products have more than 11 million users at home and abroad. The enterprise and users have become a community of common destiny with close relations and common prosperity. It will work together to provide strong support for the scientific and healthy development of the automobile industry under the impetus of the tide of digital economy.

It is understood that FS4E200-2 heavy truck integrated two-in-one electric drive system is fast for the positive response to the national “double carbon” strategy, the world’s first 4 gear high speed ratio pure electric heavy truck highly integrated drive system assembly, mainly including drive motor, 4 gear AMT transmission and integrated control actuator. This product adopts fast flat wire, high-speed motor, 4-gear transmission, integrated aluminum shell, integrated control mechanism and other technologies, so that the product has the advantages of volume and weight reduction, reliability improvement and so on, in line with the development trend of high-speed and integrated drive system of electric heavy truck.

FJE7200 is a pure electric drive system developed by Faster for the concrete transport truck market, which can replace the installation of hydraulic devices. The system assembly includes driving motor, MCU and reducer, which is used to match the concrete transport truck of 8 ~ 12m3. The reducer adopts the three-stage planetary platoon structure, and the maximum output torque can reach 72000N·m. The speed ratio can reach 312.3, and the total weight of the product is reduced to 330kg. It is the largest speed ratio and the lightest product in the market at present. It is also an ideal solution for the drive system installed on the pure electric concrete transport vehicle.

F8HA95M hybrid AMT automatic transmission adopts the structure of pneumatic clutch +105kW flat motor + 8-gear AMT, which is a P2 hybrid transmission product developed based on the existing F8JZ95MM modular AMT transmission. It can match 950N·m engine, SAE#2 clutch housing and 400N·m side-mounted force harvester. The system has good NVH performance and can be used for 18T and below cargo, special purpose, engineering and other models.

Three-in-one electric DRIVE SYSTEM FSJE13 FOR passenger cars adopts two-stage parallel shaft gear transmission structure, which can adjust the speed ratio according to the requirements of the whole vehicle, and integrates motor, MCU and high precision gear reducer to achieve power output. This product has the characteristics of high power transmission efficiency, excellent NVH performance, large power density, small volume, small center distance and so on.


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