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Fast New Energy Products Lead the New Trend of Upgrading Commercial Vehicles

Jul 17, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Compared with transmission fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles have more advantages in energy saving, environmental protection, low noise and high economic benefits. Fast because of the trend, according to the trend, with the independent research and development of new energy products, a comprehensive battle for the new energy market, in the current adjustment of the heavy truck market to achieve growth, outshine, to promote the green and low-carbon development of the industry has played an important role.

Attack the city, draw the village and expand the market

A market is like a fortress, dare to attack the strongest fortress, is the responsibility and mission of Faust sales people. Based on such a clear understanding of the sales work, the sales department of new energy products of Fast Sales Corporation takes “customers win first” as the starting point, seizing market opportunities to meet the needs of users, based on the domestic, the focus of moving forward, looking at the international, close to the user’s sales strategy, and expanding the territory to expand the market share.

“At present, Fast new energy products have been fully supporting the domestic mainstream Oems and major new car manufacturers, becoming a leader in the development trend of new energy in the domestic heavy truck market!” As of the end of August, the sales volume of Fast’s new energy products this year has increased by more than four times year-on-year.” The sales person of Fast new energy products said that relying on the export advantages of domestic main engine factories, Fast new energy products have also gone abroad, contributing to the construction of a new development pattern of domestic and international double cycles.

In Zhengzhou, pure electric mixing trucks equipped with Fast new energy products were delivered to users in batches, officially opening the full electrification of Zhengzhou concrete transport trucks.

In Baoding, hydrogen fuel tractors carrying Fast new energy products lined up neatly, ready to help build the “millennium project” Xiongan New Area.

In Guangzhou, the first batch of hydrogen fuel cell sludge trucks supporting Fast new energy products were put on the market, opening green and low-carbon demonstration operation.

In Xiamen, hydrogen fuel tractors and pure electric dump trucks supporting Fast new energy products were rolled off the production line in batches and quickly delivered to users.

In Colombia, the number of new energy logistics vehicles carrying Fast new energy products has exceeded 300, helping overseas users achieve low-carbon transportation and environmental protection operations.

The reliable quality and efficient performance of Faust new energy products are not only recognized in urban areas, but also favored in plateau mountain mining areas with complex road conditions and harsh environment. In August 2020, the country’s first power exchange car equipped with Fast new energy products was put into use in the coal mine area of Inner Mongolia, fully adapting to the harsh environment where the lowest temperature in the mining area reached minus 40 degrees Celsius. Mining users greatly appreciate the stable and reliable performance of Fast new energy products, and continue to purchase additional mining vehicles supporting Fast new energy products.

According to statistics, since 2018, more than 400 mining vehicles carrying Fast new energy products have operated in nearly 10 mining areas in Qinghai, Fujian, Shandong, Zhejiang and Inner Mongolia, with a cumulative vehicle mileage of more than 8 million kilometers.

Self-reliance in scientific and technological innovation

“Why Fast new energy products can adapt to a variety of complex and harsh conditions, because our self-designed sliding sleeve structure, higher reliability; Pneumatic shift actuator is the first domestic initiative, successfully broke the foreign technology monopoly. At the same time, the products have been subjected to rigorous static torsion, temperature rise, fatigue, sealing, NVH and other laboratory technology tests and multiple rounds of tests in extreme environments such as high temperature, plateau and cold.” New Energy Research Institute technical staff introduced that Fast new energy products rely on Fast national enterprise technology center – Fast Automotive transmission Engineering Research Institute perfect scientific and technological innovation system, but also precipitates the company’s focus on more than half a century of product design concept and first-class production technology.

Quality products can not be separated from excellent talents. Faust’s “New energy Commercial vehicle power transmission key technology innovation team”, with an average age of only 29 years old, is composed of key members of the New Energy Research Institute of Faust Automotive Transmission Engineering Research Institute. They have conquered a series of key technologies in the field of new energy transmission, developed a series of new energy products with independent intellectual property rights, widely supporting major OEC new energy commercial vehicles, and customized development according to different application scenarios, to provide the best solution for new energy vehicles with different functions. To this end, the team was successfully selected into the 2021 Shaanxi Provincial key science and technology innovation team list.

Fast new energy products lead the new trend of upgrading commercial vehicles

Faust pure electric drive Assembly 4E300

Under the efforts and guidance of the team, Fast new energy products have fully covered the field of commercial vehicles such as light trucks, medium trucks, heavy trucks, buses, construction machinery and so on. Among them, the rated input torque of pure electric series products ranges from 500N·m to 3000N·m, which has formed a large-scale and full coverage development pattern of 2, 4, 6 and 7 gears. Its control strategy is scientifically advanced, and the average shift time is only 0.6S. The life of the pneumatic shift actuator can reach 30 million times, fully ensuring that the shift is smoother, faster, and the use cost is lower. In particular, the application of advanced energy management algorithm can automatically adjust the energy recovery intensity according to different working conditions, coupled with the reasonable management of energy consumption of accessories, effectively improve the vehicle mileage of 15%, so as to reduce operating costs, economic and energy-saving effects.


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