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Fast New Energy Transformation Rapid Strength

Oct 31, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Forward research and development, industry-leading products and “super touching” service network continue the Fast brand advantages and make Fast New Energy move faster and more steadily.The number of supporting brands and sales volume of Fast’s electric drive system have led the industry. In March 2022, Fast New Energy Division was established, the Lanchi brand was released, and a new generation of two-in-one and three-in-one products with industry-leading technical indicators were launched, accelerating the implementation of the new energy strategy. At present, Fast’s new energy electric drive products are supporting nearly 60 domestic new energy vehicle companies. Vehicles equipped with Fast’s electric drive products are operating well in more than 50 cities across the country, and the longest operating mileage of a single vehicle exceeds 300,000. Km, with a cumulative mileage of more than 1 billion Km.

Fast New Energy Transformation Rapid Strength

The person in charge of Fast New Energy Business Department said, “The high reliability, high safety and high efficiency of Fast New Energy Drive System have been fully verified by the market and received positive feedback from customers. In September 2023, Fast New Energy The sales volume in a single month has increased significantly. As the market strengthens, the market performance will be better in the fourth quarter. We are confident that we will achieve the sales target for the whole year, and the market share is expected to reach more than 50 %.

Adhere to forward research and development to build new energy core competitiveness. When new energy products are becoming an important addition to the medium and heavy truck industry, why does Fast continue to seize the opportunity in the new energy era?

Forward research and development, industry-leading products and “super touching” service network continue the Fast brand advantages and make Fast New Energy move faster and more steadily.

Fast New Energy Transformation Rapid Strength.

Starting from the forward research and development of new energy heavy truck gearboxes, combined with Fast Songzheng’s independent motor matching advantages, Fast has led the trend of highly integrated, modular and lightweight new energy heavy truck drive systems, with stronger and more stable power output. , lower failure rate and power consumption. At the fifth Fast Science and Technology Innovation Week held in September, hybrid systems F12HA280-2, F2HD45-P, electric drive systems FS4E250, electric drive axles FS2EA480, FSJEA6, etc. were all unveiled, showing the new energy systems of Fast We have a strong product lineup with diversified layout, large-scale development and full field coverage.In the new energy era, the core value pursuit of commercial vehicle reliability and operational efficiency remains unchanged. Inheriting Fast’s 55 years of deep exploration in the commercial vehicle market and rich experience in transmission systems, and complementing it with new energy technologies, Fast New Energy still maintains its product advantages.

The 4E250 dual-motor powerless interruption system for mining card scenarios has also begun to be released in batches.

In terms of the electric drive axle assembly that represents the industry trend, the FS2EA480 Fast Lanchi electric drive axle assembly is the first electric drive axle product for domestic commercial vehicles that uses dual oil-cooled, flat wire motors. Its range, weight, and power Indicators such as density have reached industry-leading levels.

R&D personnel said: “It should be said that insisting on independent research and development and leading product strength are the basis for supporting the confidence in the high-quality development of Fast New Energy. In the future, Fast New Energy will also have three-in-one and more advanced product reserves, both of which will Have strong competitiveness.


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