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Fast Specializes in The Main Business

May 19, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Fast not only has world-class experimental equipment and manufacturing equipment, but also transforms scientific and technological achievements into fist products in market demand. This is because no matter how many temptations the external environment is full of, Fast always concentrates on the field of automobile transmission system, and is determined to be precise, specialized and thorough, with the primary goal of improving production capacity and stability. Through a large number of tests, verifications and feedback data and reports from users, Fast constantly optimizes all aspects such as quality, performance, cost, delivery date and service response, making its product service life, stability and service level become the benchmark in the industry.

Specifically, AT hydraulic automatic transmission, AMT automatic transmission, s transmission, passenger car transmission, medium and light truck transmission, hydraulic retarder, clutch and reducer, which are independently developed and produced by fast, are fully developed, filling a number of domestic technical gaps; It has achieved new breakthroughs in the technical fields of commercial vehicle transmission system and new energy vehicles, quickly seized the commanding heights of the market, and provided a new optimized configuration for the upgrading of China’s automobile industry; It has achieved the coverage of Fast in all fields of automobile transmission systems such as heavy trucks, medium and light trucks, buses, special vehicles, special vehicles and construction machinery, and has become a well-known manufacturer and global supplier of large automobile transmission systems at home and abroad.

Fast specializes in the main business

Fast is the first company in China’s gear industry with annual production and sales exceeding 10 billion yuan, ranking first in China’s gear industry for 15 consecutive years, ranking first in the world in terms of production and sales of heavy-duty automobile transmissions for 12 consecutive years, and being one of the top ten famous automobile transmission products manufacturers and suppliers in the world. The key technologies and core technologies of some independent innovative products have reached or are reaching the international leading level.

Despite his remarkable achievements, Faster kept a clear head. Cultivating innovative talents and encouraging technological innovation are the core to achieve today’s glory. On September 26th, the 8 millionth dual countershaft transmission of Fast was successfully rolled off the assembly line. Since the product was put on the market, it quickly seized the commanding heights of the market and successfully broke the monopoly of multinational companies. At present, it has successfully matched nearly 200 models of more than 60 domestic truck, bus, mining vehicle and special operation vehicle main engine plants, providing a brand-new optimized configuration for the upgrading of commercial vehicles. Its good performance and stable quality performance have been widely recognized and praised by users.

Fast specializes in the main business

On the same day, the Fast 1810 integrated AMT automatic transmission was launched. The successful development of this product will further enhance the reliability, functionality, advancement, cost competitiveness and customer demand response speed of Fast AMT products, and fill the blank of heavy truck integrated AMT products in China. Through the implementation of this project, Fast will fully master the forward development process of commercial vehicle AMT, master the core technology of AMT, fully have the ability of independent development, realize the series expansion of products, and provide strong core technical support and strategic guidance for Fast in the competitive environment of new formats.

“Innovation is the first driving force for development”. As the leading enterprise of heavy-duty transmission in China, Fast has invested billions of yuan to build a national R&D innovation platform, attracted nearly 1,000 R&D technicians of all kinds, and established a technology R&D system focusing on independent innovation of science and technology, combining introduction and absorption with cooperative R&D.


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