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Fast Transmission Gas Circuit Failure Where Should I Start Checking?

Jun 1, 2022 | Operation and Maintenance | 0 comments

Inspection of pneumatic system failures

(1) The inspection of the gas system should be carried out when the engine is turned off and the vehicle air pressure is the maximum nominal value.

(2) Check whether each trachea is installed correctly and whether there is any crossing.

(3) Check whether there is leakage at the joint of all trachea.

(4) Check whether all trachea have cracks and whether they are flattened by other components and affect the passage of air flow.

Inspection of air filtration regulators

(1) Whether the parts are defective or leaked.

(2) When the vehicle air pressure reaches 0.7-0.8Mpa, install a barometer at the outlet to observe whether the air pressure is adjusted to 0.41-0.44Mpa, such as The number does not meet the requirements and should be replaced.

Inspection of double H valves

(1) Check whether there are defects.

(2) Check whether the column pin is reciprocating freely and the wear is too large.

(3) Check whether the column pin is in the original position, after the compressed air is passed in, it is only from the outlet port 4; When the column pin is forced back to the lowest position, it passes After shrinking the air, whether it only flows out from the outlet 2. If so, a double H valve is available, otherwise it should be replaced.

Inspection of sub-box shift cylinders

If there is still a shift problem after the above inspection, it may be a defective 0 ring or other seal on the cylinder piston


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