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Fast Won Two Extreme Record Honors

Jan 17, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Fast Easy Travel Transmission and Fast Lanchi New Energy Electric Drive System won the titles of “2022 King of Making Money in Light Transmissions” and “2022 King of Technology Leadership” respectively.


Fast won two car extreme record honors1

As a high-end medium and light-duty AMT independently developed by Fast, Fast Easy Travel has continued to gain popularity in the medium and light truck market since its release, receiving constant praise. The torque range of Fast Easy Travel is 300-1400 N.M, and it adopts an optimized shift strategy, which has high transmission efficiency and good fuel economy. It adopts all-aluminum alloy light weight, helical grinding gear design and pneumatic clutch actuator. It is a medium and light truck in China. The best choice for upgrading commercial vehicles.


Fast won two car extreme record honors2

To determine new energy and develop new energy, the core technology of Fast New Energy is leading the way. Fast‧Lanchi 6E240 electric drive system integrates a number of core technology breakthroughs, adopts a mature double intermediate shaft structure, and independently designs a sliding sleeve structure for shifting, with strong reliability and high transmission efficiency; the self-developed energy management algorithm can improve The cruising range of the whole vehicle is more than 20%, which brings efficient operation value to users.


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