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Shaanxi Fast FJ Series Reducer

The FJ6000/7500/7200-L reducer is a new type of planetary reducer developed by Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd. according to market needs, combined with decades of experience in heavy-duty transmission gear design, and the latest design technology is applied. It is small in size, light in weight, large in speed ratio, and large in output torque, which can be widely used in cement mixers and other engineering fields.

Advantages of FJ Series Reducer

1. The double row and double stage planetary wheel transmission mechanism makes the reducer compact structure, light weight and the maximum output speed ratio of 139.3.
2. The latest international gear design software is used to optimize the design of gears and planetary mechanisms, which ensures the transmission mechanism stable, reliable and efficient.
3. Using high-performance gear steel, adopting carburization, press quenching and tooth grinding process for planetary gears and sun gears, and internal gears made of high-precision hard tooth surfaces ensure that the reducer has excellent load-bearing capacity and huge torque output (75000NM).

Fast FJ Series Reducer

This is the list of all series of Fast FJ Series Reducer.


Fast FJ6000 Reducer

Output Torque:60000 N.m
Max. Input Speed:2500 RPM
Total Length:588 mm
weight:320 Kg
Overall Speed Ratio:135

Fast FJ7200-L Reducer

Output Torque:72000 N.m
Max. Input Speed:2500 RPM
Total Length:528 mm
Weight:290 Kg
Overall Speed Ratio:139.3

Fast FJ7500 Reducer

Output Torque:75000 N.m
Max. Input Speed:2500 RPM
Total Length:560 mm
Weight:350 Kg
Overall Speed Ratio:139.3

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