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Four New Energy Products of Fast Were Unveiled

Jul 3, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Recently, in the fourth “Science and Technology Innovation Week” with the theme of “Green Drive Smart Win the Future”, Fster commercial vehicle field of the latest development of four new energy products FS4E200-2 heavy truck integrated two-in-one electric drive system, stirring vehicle pure electric reducer FJE7200, F8HA95M hybrid power system, passenger car three-in-one electric drive system (FSJE13) heavy debut.

According to reports, the product released this time is the new energy “Fast · Blue Chi” series, meaning “blue whirlwind, green gallop”, fully highlighting the superior performance of Fast new energy products, energy saving and environmental protection characteristics, will become a strategic engine to promote Fast to high-end, green development, but also lead the upgrading of commercial vehicles.

Four new energy products of Fast were unveiled2.

Among them, F4E200-2 heavy truck integrated two-in-one electric drive system is Fast to actively respond to the national dual-carbon strategy, developed a high speed ratio pure electric heavy truck integrated power system assembly, the system mainly includes drive motor, sub-box reducer, main box 4-speed AMT transmission and integrated control actuator. The newly developed products adopt flat wire, high-speed motor (reserved MCU interface), reducer + four-speed transmission, integrated, oil-separated cold aluminum shell, integrated control mechanism, etc., which makes the product have the advantages of reducing volume and weight, low cost, appearance and reliability improvement, in line with the development trend of high-speed and integrated.

Four new energy products of Fast were unveiled.

45kW three-in-one electric drive system (FSJE13) adopts two-stage parallel shaft gear transmission structure, integrated motor fixed rotor, motor controller and reducer to achieve power output. This product has the characteristics of high transmission efficiency, low sound transmission, large power density, small size, small center distance and so on.

Four new energy products of Fast were unveiled.

F8HA95M hybrid AMT series transmission adopts the structure of engine + clutch + motor + transmission, based on the company’s existing F8JZ95MM modular AMT transmission to develop a P2 hybrid transmission product, which can be used for 18T and below cargo, special purpose, engineering and other models.

Four new energy products of Fast were unveiled3.

FJE7200 is a pure electric drive system developed by Fast for the concrete truck market, which replaces the hydraulic device and is driven by the PMSM synchronous motor integrated on the reducer to achieve zero emissions, which is the ideal solution for the pure electric concrete truck mounted drive system.

It is understood that the current “science and Technology Innovation Week” activity opened on September 19, in addition to the release of new energy products “Blue Chi” brand, AMT Open Day activities were held during the event, inviting a number of industry experts to give keynote speeches, academic exchanges, and share and explore the industry’s cutting-edge technologies. And organize and carry out scientific and technological knowledge competitions to improve the professional theoretical level of scientific and technological personnel. At the same time, invited leaders of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, industry experts, user representatives, service providers, news media, and employees’ families visited the “Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievement Exhibition”, and in-depth FAster Gaozhi new “Black light factory” on-site observation and guidance, and jointly witnessed the fruitful results of enterprise independent innovation. In addition, the test drive of new cars supporting FAST AT, AMT, retarder and new energy products is also carried out simultaneously, and visitors can personally feel the high-end comfort experience brought by Fast’s new products.

For a long time, Faster has been focusing on the field of automotive transmission system by igniting new engines with innovation, focusing on the main prominent and related diversified product strategy, constantly strengthening chain, extending chain, reinforcing chain, and enriching product lines, providing high-quality automotive transmission system products and comprehensive solutions for more than 150 Oems at home and abroad. Up to now, Faster products have more than 11 million users at home and abroad, and enterprises and users have become a community of destiny with close volume, symbiosis and common prosperity, and will work together to provide strong support for the scientific and healthy development of the automobile industry under the drive of the digital economy.


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