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“Going Out” to Create First-Class

May 26, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

As  a company established in the 1960s, Fast was once labeled as “old military industry”, “old state-owned enterprise” and “old third line”. Nowadays, it appeared in the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, which opened on April 18th, with a new business card of “making wisdom and winning wisdom”, showing a variety of new products such as automation, intelligence and new energy, which attracted much attention.

Behind the gorgeous turn is Fast’s concentration and persistence in technological innovation. “The core technology can’t come, can’t be bought, and can’t be discussed. Only by independent innovation and insisting on eliminating ourselves can we achieve high-quality development in catching up and surpassing.” In an interview with Economic magazine and Economic Net, Yan Jianbin said that for many years, Fast has been aiming at the forefront of the industry and planting innovative soil. Supported by R&D platforms such as National Enterprise Technology Center, Academician Expert Workstation, Post-Doctoral Research Center and British Innovation Center, we will build a domestic first-class R&D system and independent innovation system, and insist on self-reliance in R&D. Among them, Fast Automotive Transmission Engineering Research Institute has become the largest technology research center in the domestic automotive transmission industry, and has been recognized as a national industrial design center, ranking among the top in the list of 1563 national enterprise technology centers.

Going Out to Create First-Class

In order to overcome the key technical difficulties of “stuck neck”, Fast has continuously increased investment in R&D and continuously strengthened its R&D strength. “The cumulative R&D investment exceeds 3 billion yuan, and the R&D investment will account for 5.7% in 2022 alone; Deepen cooperation with more than ten universities such as Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, strengthen basic research, and carry out technical cooperation and project exploration; With the help of “Qin Chuangyuan innovation-driven platform”, we will integrate innovation and joint incubation, and closely combine technological innovation with the construction of industrial system. Up to now, Fast has obtained more than 3,200 technical patents, and the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements is as high as 95%. Within the enterprise, we should establish the mechanism of “unveiling the list”, “horse racing” and diversified performance incentive system, and set up the “dual channel” of technical management cadres and academic leaders to build a team of high-quality innovative talents. When talking about product innovation, Yan Jianbin said that it is the product research and development concept of “production generation, trial production generation, research and development generation and conception generation” that has always been adhered to. Fast has continuously introduced marketable intelligent high-end products, and has now formed more than 30 series and more than 1,000 product types. Among them, a variety of high-end transmissions independently developed by enterprises have broken the monopoly of foreign technology and achieved self-reliance in science and technology. For example, AT hydraulic automatic transmission, with comprehensive functions, heavy load and easy control, fills the gap of domestic commercial vehicles with high torque AT and becomes an important strategic support for Faster to fully benchmark international standards and accelerate its entry into the international market.

Going Out to Create First-Class

Now, Fast is sprinting at the new track, aiming at the new energy truck market, developing products in the field of new energy transmission, covering two different routes of new energy pure electric and hybrid power to meet the market demand of trucks, buses, construction machinery and other parties. In 2022, Fast supported more than 70 mainstream heavy truck enterprises in China.

With the expansion of overseas markets, Fast has independently developed and produced high-end, automatic and environmentally-friendly new products such as hydraulic automatic transmission and hydraulic retarder, which have won the recognition of more overseas customers by virtue of their cost-effective advantages. According to official data of Fast, its products have been selected as fixed-point supporting products by thousands of models of more than 150 main engine plants at home and abroad, and are widely exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Australia and Eastern Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.


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