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How to Achieve Fast’s Small Goal of “AMT Per Capita”?

May 31, 2022 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

“In 2023, AMT is expected to account for more than 70% of the tractor market, and the heavy truck market may be more than half.”
Yan Jianbo, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of fast group, predicted the AMT market in the next three years in response to a reporter’s question from

Foreign heavy-duty truck AMT started early and is widely assembled. Many multinational brands have decades of R&D and manufacturing history. As a result, the stereotype of many users is that imported AMT is better.

Is it true that “the moon abroad is more round”?

As a self-developed local integrated commercial vehicle AMT brand, how did Fast gain a foothold in the AMT market where there are many masters and strive to be upstream?

The first is grounding. As a leading enterprise of heavy truck transmission in China, Fast has been deeply involved in the AMT field for decades, and its products basically cover all market segments, and has formed the product upgrading concept of “production generation, trial production generation, research and development generation, and concept generation generation”. , and has fully mastered the whole process of software forward development, and the products are more suitable for the actual needs of Chinese users and road conditions.

The second is the price-performance ratio that users are most concerned about. It is understood that, compared with imported brands, Fast Smart Travel has the same performance indicators, the price advantage is very obvious, and the service is more convenient and efficient. Compared with other brands, Fast Smart Travel has obvious generation Poor advantage, especially in terms of reliability.

It is worth mentioning that Fast also has an obvious advantage in AMT, that is, one-stop supply, Fast can provide delivery solutions of clutch + AMT + PTO + hydraulic retarder + oil products, At the same time, AMT also has a series of products from 10 to 16 gears, which can meet the needs of OEMs to the greatest extent, while other brands, whether imported or self-owned, do not have this condition.

What I have to mention is the “Fast Zhixing” brand of the latest generation of integrated AMT transmissions released by Fast in September 2020. This product is a flagship product that Fast has established seven years ago and was officially launched into the market early last year. This product is completely benchmarked against the most advanced technology in the world and adopts an integrated design concept. The design life of B10 is 2 million kilometers. , the highest transmission efficiency is 99.8%, which is the first in the world. Compared with other domestic independent brands AMT, it has obvious generation difference and cost-effective advantages. At present, the market performance of this product has far exceeded expectations and is already in a state of short supply.

In 2021, the AMT heavy truck market will enter a growth period. Not only the domestic independent AMT technology can basically meet the user’s requirements, but also the localized production of imported brands, the introduction of the latest global technology products, and the vigorous promotion of the OEMs have formed a wide range of word-of-mouth communication effects, and the internationalization of the domestic market has accelerated the AMT market. break out.

The price of AMT is not as “unattainable” as before, and various manufacturers have introduced preferential policies in terms of service and price, lowering the purchase threshold. The entry of imported brand AMT has also made independent brands further increase investment and strive to compete, which has made domestic heavy truck AMT enter the “fast lane”.

Fast once proposed a small goal, “per capita AMT”. For this small goal, what breakthroughs and innovations has Fast has made in terms of products, marketing and services?

Fast said that “AMT per capita” is proposed in the context of current high-quality development and under the climate action goal of “peak carbon emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060”, so that every truck driver can A reliable, affordable and well-used AMT is Fast’s vivid practice of high-quality development under the new development concept. “

In China, 2019 is defined as the first year of AMT promotion, which is the year of the intersection of the introduction period and the growth period. In 2020, heavy truck AMT officially entered the growth period, and this growth is explosive growth.

Fast predicts, “It is expected that in the next three years, heavy truck AMT will further grow rapidly. After three years, the tractor market is expected to account for about 70%, and the proportion of the entire heavy truck market is expected to exceed 50%. The sub-market will also further develop in the direction of gas machines, dump trucks and special vehicles.”

In terms of AMT products, Fast has been cultivating for many years, and its products cover four major market segments: heavy trucks, medium and light trucks, construction machinery and passenger cars. In the field of medium and light commercial vehicles, Fast has developed several series of AMT products. Among them, medium and light commercial vehicles are mainly 5-speed to 10-speed AMT products with a torque of 450-1300Nm. They have carried out technical matching and sample vehicle calibration with nearly 20 domestic enterprises. It is expected that they will be introduced to the market in the second half of the year. In the field of heavy commercial vehicles, Fast also has two series of products, modular AMT and integrated AMT. The two will coexist for a certain period of time, and will eventually be dominated by integrated AMT. At present, integrated AMT has 10 gears~ A variety of products with 16 gears and a torque of 1800-3200Nm, covering the entire medium and heavy truck market, can also be used in construction machinery cranes and large passenger cars.


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