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How to Solve the Problem That the Car Engine is Too Noisy?

Nov 11, 2022 | Operation and Maintenance | 0 comments

Solutions to loud engine noise are as follows:

1. Vehicle engine is a source of noise, and its noise generation varies with engine speed. The hood can be installed with advanced sound-absorbing foam materials, which can not only suppress the vibration of the hood, but also absorb a lot of noise, with good effect.

2.If the bearing of idler gear and tensioning pulley is damaged, it will make a buzzing sound. Please check the generator and compressor.

3. When it is confirmed that the noise is from plastic parts, it can be adjusted by fastening. If there are plastic parts in the engine compartment, the noise may increase when the plastic parts are loose.

4. Because the car has been parked for a long time, the noise sometimes becomes louder when starting. It is normal that the vehicle stops for a long time, all lubricating oil returns to the bottom of the tank, and the engine lubrication is insufficient.

5. Replace the engine oil. The loud engine noise is related to poor or dirty engine oil.


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