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Innovation Constantly Leads Technological Change

Apr 27, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

“What is the core competitiveness of enterprises? Corporate culture. ” Yan Jianbo, chairman of Faster Group, said that along the way, Faster felt at the beginning of its 50-odd years, that is, it is necessary to be specialized and refined in the transmission system, to make its own brands stronger and better, to adhere to the growth path of independent innovation in science and technology, independent research and development of products and independent development of enterprises, and to take the initiative and pragmatic actions to keep pace with the development of China’s automobile industry, so as to stand up the backbone of national manufacturing industry.


Innovation constantly leads technological change2


When “new energy+”is becoming a key factor in reorganizing industry resources, reshaping economic structure and changing the world competition pattern, traditional commercial vehicle parts enterprises have already begun the transformation of new energy. Fast continues to accelerate the layout of automation, intelligent products and new energy products, hoping to fill the product gap as soon as possible and realize import substitution.
“In everyone’s traditional impression of Faster, Faster is a gearbox, which is a traditional equipment manufacturing industry, but it is not. In recent years, Fast has been different from the past in terms of product structure, market expansion, management ideas, technology and equipment, and the ability and quality of employees. ” Facing the reporter’s question, Yan Jianbo replied that with the rapid development of the industry, rapid iteration of technology and personalization of user requirements, Fast adheres to the product research and development concept of “production generation, trial production generation, research and development generation, and conception generation”. On the basis of focusing on the in-depth research and development of commercial vehicle transmission system, Yan Jianbo fully broadens the scientific and technological boundary in the field of automobile transmission, and takes efficiency, intelligence, environmental protection and integration as the starting point to accelerate the sprint of new energy transmission track.


Innovation constantly leads technological change



As an independent component enterprise, Fast has broken the technical blockade in the transmission field after years of painstaking research, and has now become the world’s largest production base of commercial vehicle transmissions and the world’s high-quality automotive transmission system supplier. At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, a different Faster is speeding up on the new energy track.


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