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New Energy Leads the Rise of Commercial Vehicles, How Does Fast Reshape the Advantages of “Golden Power Chain”

Aug 9, 2022 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

As the largest heavy-duty transmission supplier in China, Fast has an absolute advantage in the traditional power heavy-duty transmission market. Facing the new energy era, how will Fast’s advantageous genes continue? In the game between traditional power and new energy power, as a core component supplier, how will it change to break through?

New energy commercial vehicles lead the rise, and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain welcome opportunities for change

Regarding the development of the new energy commercial vehicle market, the relevant person in charge of Fast said: “At present, the industry is accelerating the transformation and upgrading to new energy and intelligence. The development of the ‘new four modernizations’ brings challenges to the transmission industry, but also contains Therefore, Fast will speed up structural adjustment, find new opportunities for development in the crisis, continue to accelerate the pace of digital, intelligent, international and diversified development of enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and create new energy with international competitiveness Supplier of electric drive systems for commercial vehicles.”

Diversified products break the new energy commercial vehicle market

According to the actual situation of the development of the new energy commercial vehicle market, Fast adheres to the development route of pure electric and hybrid power dual technologies, and has customized and developed a series of new energy products such as pure electric transmission and hybrid transmission. At present, Fast new energy products It has achieved full coverage in the field of commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, construction machinery, and mining vehicles. Products can be defined according to different application scenarios, covering the field of new energy commercial vehicle transmissions ranging from 500N m to 3000N m, and new energy electric drive products. It has been matched with domestic mainstream vehicle companies.

Innovation and empowerment reshape the leading edge of the “golden power chain”

In terms of new energy products, in order to meet the continuous upgrading needs of new energy users, Fast develops products for the operation scenarios of new energy trucks, in order to bring more efficient operation value to users.

“Fast has mastered its own core technology, and its self-designed sliding sleeve structure has higher reliability. The first domestic pneumatic shift actuator has successfully broken the technological monopoly of foreign countries. At the same time, Fast’s new energy products have undergone strict static Laboratory tests such as torsion, temperature rise, fatigue, sealing, NVH, etc. and multiple rounds of tests in extreme environments such as high temperature, plateau, and high cold enable the product to adapt to a variety of complex working conditions. Take the special 6E240 product as an example. 6E240 has a compact structure, light weight, higher energy saving and higher system reliability. Its control strategy is scientific and advanced. The service life of the pneumatic shift actuator can reach 30 million times, and the shifting is smoother and more reliable. In particular, the application of advanced energy management algorithms can automatically adjust the energy recovery intensity according to different working conditions. Coupled with the reasonable management of the energy consumption of accessories, the cruising range of the vehicle can be increased by 15%, so as to achieve the effect of reducing operating costs and saving energy. It has the consistent advantages of Fast product reliability, transmission efficiency and economy. It is reported that Fast will launch second-generation new energy products with higher cost performance within the year.

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