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Opening a “New Era of AT” for Medium and Light Truck Logistics

Dec 16, 2022 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

If there is a warm sun in the cold winter, then it should be like the hot market of Fast Easy. So far, orders for AMT automatic transmissions for fast and easy medium and light trucks have continued to grow, and sales have increased by about 5 times year-on-year.

Fast Easy Travel is the latest generation of medium and light truck AMT brand released by Fast Group following Fast Smart Travel. In line with the needs of the “new four modernizations” in the automotive industry, after years of painstaking research and development, the Fast series of AMT products have covered all mainstream models in the field of heavy trucks, medium and light trucks, buses, construction machinery, special vehicles, etc., and quickly seized the commanding heights of the market. OEMs and users praise.


Opening a new era of automatic transmission for medium and light truck logistics


Achievements of independent innovation to seize market segments

With the ever-changing resource structure of road transportation, the market demand is gradually upgraded, and the competitiveness of the efficient transportation market is further enhanced. Automatic transmission has become a new trend in the development of the logistics transportation industry. Medium and light truck commercial vehicle market. Driven by the wave of “new four modernizations”, relying on the support and guarantee of the company’s own strong scientific research strength, advanced manufacturing system and reliable market verification, Fast AMT series automatic transmissions are accelerating to the field of new energy and intelligent transmission Product “New Track”.

Fast Easy AMT automatic transmission adopts full helical gear and gear grinding technology, all aluminum alloy lightweight design, software and hardware of the control system are completely independently developed, mature shift strategy, with low noise, light weight, high transmission efficiency, Good fuel economy and other advantages, torque coverage 400-1800 N.m, can meet the different needs of light trucks, light buses and light special vehicles, medium trucks, special vehicles and special vehicles, the longest oil change mileage can reach 300,000 kilometers , the highest transmission efficiency is 99.7%, and it has the advantages of economy, intelligence, comfort and safety.

As the first self-developed medium and light truck AMT in China, Fast Easy Travel marks the beginning of a “new era of automatic transmission” in the logistics and transportation of medium and light trucks. Its superior control and performance are widely favored by major OEMs. Especially popular with young drivers. Once launched, it quickly seized the market segment and realized batch matching in major OEMs.

How can we keep out the cold without going through a lot of tempering

Why does Fast Easy AMT automatic transmission take the lead in the “cold winter” of automobiles? In addition to its own superior performance, it is also inseparable from the hard-core quality created by thousands of tests. “If you don’t go through a bitter cold, how can you get the fragrance of plum blossoms.” The birth of Yixing AMT can be described as “after twists and turns”. A high-quality easy-going AMT product must pass 4 million brake tests, 6 million shift mechanism life tests, 15 million clutch actuator tests, and 500,000 rear auxiliary box life tests. Only by testing the machine can we “chisel out the deep mountains with a thousand hammers and thousands of hammers” and start the first step of the “Long March”.

In addition to forging your own “muscles and bones”, you must also temper your “actual combat” experience. Whether it is the Heihe River, where water drips into ice at minus 40 degrees Celsius, or Turpan, where gold and rocks flow at more than 50 degrees Celsius; whether it is Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Chongqing with eighteen bends in the mountain roads, or the inaccessible Hoh Xil, from the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta to the Tanggula Mountains at an altitude of more than 5,000 meters . Over the course of more than 20 months, the footprints of Fast-Easy AMT road tests spread all over the country. Supporting hundreds of test vehicles from dozens of OEMs, the total test mileage exceeds 1.2 million kilometers. It is through such rigorous verification and testing that the hard-core quality of Fast Easy AMT automatic transmission has been forged. Its superior performance and strong performance easily capture the “hearts” of major OEMs and new and old users “.

Strong Market Response, Innovative Service Synergy

Faster always regards user recognition and market acceptance as its highest purpose, adhering to the concept of “respect for customers, super moving service”, and creates more value for customers. Once launched, Fast Easy Travel has aroused strong response from the market, and has become the standard configuration of light truck commercial vehicles in domestic mainstream OEMs. With remarkable achievements in overseas market expansion, Fast has accelerated its integration into the new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles mutually promoting each other, accelerated industrial transformation and upgrading, promoted high-quality development, extended to the high-end of the value chain, and gradually shifted from production to Transform from manufacturing type to production service type, build a professional, standardized and perfect after-sales service system, achieve honest service, attentive service, and innovative service, provide users with the best solutions, and let users enjoy high-quality services.

After driving a truck equipped with Fast-Easy Light Truck AMT, end users said that Fast-Easy AMT is more efficient and fuel-efficient than traditional manual transmissions. It does not require frequent gear shifts and clutches, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of drivers. , improve safety and transportation efficiency, and reduce operating costs such as employment in an all-round way.


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