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Fast Eaton Clutch

Eaton clutch disengagement operating modes are push clutch and pull clutch. Except 2800 N.m and 3300 N.m are double plates, the rest are single plates, the applicable engine torque is 400 N.m-3050 N.m, the clutch size is 330 mm-430 mm, including the clutch actuator system. Eaton ceramic clutch will be launched in 2020 to achieve complete vehicle matching. Fast Eaton Clutch joint venture takes product quality as the cornerstone of sustainable development of the company. In order to maintain and continuously improve product quality, we will make efforts from multiple latitudes. Eaton has a number of unique technical patents in commercial vehicle transmissions, clutches, engine superchargers, and engine valves, and is at the top level in the world.

Advantages of Eaton Clutch

1. The friction plate has a low wear rate under the conditions of high temperature and high friction work.
2. The HD version has the heaviest pressure plate design in the industry, which greatly improves the performance of the clutch under severe working conditions.
3. The clutch has a stable friction coefficient and excellent wear rate.
4. It has excellent thermal performance and can quickly recover performance after high temperature overheating.
5. The superior vibration damping system effectively dampens the vibration and noise of the drive train.
6. Superior pre-vibration damping system effectively reduces idling noise.
7. The friction material driven plate with wave plate effectively improves the clutch to meet the impact, effectively improves the feeling of the clutch pedal, and prolongs the service life of the clutch.

Fast Eaton Clutch

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Pull-Type Clutch

Fast 430mm Pull-Type Clutch

Clutch Type:Single Plate, Diaphragm Spring Clutch
Torque Capacity:1600/2000/2200/2500/2600 N.m
Release Type:Pull
Hub Parameter:SAE 2″ -10/18/24 Teeth
Weight:50-54 Kg

Fast 430mm AMT Pull-Type Clutch

Weight:54 Kg
Release Type:Pull
Clutch Housing:SAE 1#
Adjustment Type After Wear:450 mm
Hub Parameter:SAE 2″ -10/18/24 Teeth

Push-Type Clutch

Fast 395mm Push-Type Clutch

Weight:34 Kg
Release Type:Push
Clutch Housing:SAE2#, SAE1#
Adjustment Type After Wear:410 mm
Hub Parameter:SAE 1.75″ x10 Teeth

Fast 430mm Push-Type Clutch

Weight:52 Kg
Release Type:Push
Clutch Housing:SAE 1#
Adjustment Type After Wear:450 mm
Hub Parameter:SAE 2″ -10/18/24 Teeth

Damper Series

Fast New Energy Torsional Damper

Weight:12.654 Kg
Release Type:Push
Damper Housing:2#
Locating Type:Pin Location
Hub Parameter:SAE 1.75″ x 10/14/24 Teeth

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