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Shaanxi Fast Push-Type Clutch

FAST Push-type Clutch adopts 395 Push technology, which is similar to EATON’s heavy-duty clutch technology. The high quality sub-disc design is more suitable for trial under harsh working conditions, and has superior vibration damping performance and idle vibration damping performance; The high quality organic friction material is used to provide ultra-long wear life. The low stiffness waveform plate design makes it have a stable start and excellent thermal performance. Equipped with world-class film spring heat treatment and shot peening equipment, first-class testing equipment to ensure the high quality of products.

Advantages of Push-Type Clutch

1. Heavy duty pressure plate design is more suitable for harsh operating condition.
2. High quality friction plate, stable friction coefficient, excellent friction loss rate, excellent thermal performance, rapid recovery after recession performance.
3. Superior vibration reduction system effectively attenuates drive train vibration and noise, superior pre-vibration reduction system effectively reduces idle noise.
4. Stable starting quality of vehicle.

Fast Push-Type Clutch

This is the list of all series of Fast Push-Type Clutch.


Fast 395mm Push-Type Clutch

Weight:34 Kg
Release Type:Push
Clutch Housing:SAE2#, SAE1#
Adjustment Type After Wear:410 mm
Hub Parameter:SAE 1.75″ x10 Teeth

Fast 430mm Push-Type Clutch

Weight:52 Kg
Release Type:Push
Clutch Housing:SAE 1#
Adjustment Type After Wear:450 mm
Hub Parameter:SAE 2″ -10/18/24 Teeth

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