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Shaanxi Fast Pull-Type Clutch

Shanxi Fast traction clutch is divided into organic material standard type and ceramic material friction type, can provide four kinds of separation bearings and all kinds of different separation system match, optional separation dipper mouth width of 77.9, 85.65 and 127.9; The maximum torque can be divided into 1600 N.m-2500 N.m according to the type of material. The application environment can be used from ordinary trucks and buses to harsh environment in mining areas and tropical areas.

Advantages of Pull-Type Clutch

1. Longer life and less service needed.
2. Facing has low wear rate at high temperature and high slipping energy.
3. The most advanced ceramic friction material in the industry ensures a longer life and less wear to the pressure disc and flywheel.
4. HD version has the heaviest pressure plate design in the industry , obtaining the higher resistance to severe duty HD.

Fast Pull-Type Clutch

This is the list of all series of Fast Pull-Type Clutch.


Fast 430mm Pull-Type Clutch

Clutch Type:Single Plate, Diaphragm Spring Clutch
Torque Capacity:1600/2000/2200/2500/2600 N.m
Release Type:Pull
Hub Parameter:SAE 2″ -10/18/24 Teeth
Weight:50-54 Kg

Fast 430mm AMT Pull-Type Clutch

Weight:54 Kg
Release Type:Pull
Clutch Housing:SAE 1#
Adjustment Type After Wear:450 mm
Hub Parameter:SAE 2″ -10/18/24 Teeth

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