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Technology as The Core, Fast Smart Wins New Energy

Jun 17, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

When silent cultivation became a habit, Fast completed the transformation quietly. From learning to innovation, from traditional fuel power system to new energy transmission chain, the speed of Fast’s transformation quietly accelerated between the rotation of the sun and the moon. . While the viewers were still amazed that the AMT produced by Fast was favored by the market, its new energy products once again amazed the industry.
The product development concept of “production generation, trial production generation, research and development generation, conception generation” and the iterative rule of “self-elimination” are the reasons for Fast’s rise. Decades of silent cultivation are the foundation of Fast’s transformation . Since the official launch of the new energy project in 2016, Fast is developing new energy-specific gearboxes and TCU/VCU control platforms. After six years of hard work, Fast has mastered the core of the new energy electric drive system first in the industry. technology, and achieved a 2-fold increase in sales year-on-year in 2022, becoming the No. 1 market share of new energy products for commercial vehicles.

Be good at the core and go far. For the operation scenarios of new energy products, Fasttech has always insisted on personalized product development to fully meet the high-end needs of users. From trucks, buses to construction machinery, from pure electric to hybrid power transmission systems, new energy products have already blossomed everywhere. Form a variety of energy structures covering pure electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel, etc., covering different segments such as commercial vehicle pure electric, hybrid, pure electric reducer, and realize a new pattern of large-scale and full-coverage development. At present, Fast has a rich lineage of new energy products, from 2-speed, 4-speed, 6-speed and other pure electric series products, from 500 Nm to 3000 Nm rated input torque, covering the entire field of the commercial vehicle market, What is particularly commendable is that the Lanchi series 6E240 electric drive system using self-developed energy management algorithms has no worries about battery life and can achieve 24-hour uninterrupted operation. It has become one of the most popular new energy power systems in the market.


Technology as the core, Fast Smart wins new energy.


Only at the Shanghai Auto Show held in April this year, Fast exhibited the domestic first high-integration commercial vehicle powertrain, which can be adapted to the combination of pure electric tractors, muck trucks, and concrete mixer trucks. An electric drive system FS4E200-2, applicable to FS4E250 pure electric drive system assembly of 90-120T wide-body mining vehicles, the first integrated P2 hybrid medium truck solution in China, applicable to 18T and below unloading, special-purpose F8HA95M-2 hybrid AMT series transmissions for various models such as , engineering, etc., can be adapted to 4.5-10 tons of light trucks, the first domestic light truck power split hybrid system F2HD45-P hybrid DHT system, the first domestic integrated hybrid F12HA280-2 Fast Lanchi integrated hybrid transmission, the solution for dynamic heavy trucks, is the industry’s first electric drive axle product FS2EA450 electric drive axle assembly using double flat wire oil-cooled motors, multi-speed and multi-mode.

Science and technology is the primary productive force. Fast, adhering to the development of pure electric and hybrid dual-technology new energy routes, uses the high-tech new factory as a carrier to precisely focus on the “dual carbon” transformation path, and actively develops steering by wire, predictive driving, ECVT, etc. Cutting-edge technology reserves, through the application of six core technologies such as “digital twins, black-light production, Internet of Everything, intelligent decision-making, green manufacturing, and data closed-loop”, focus on digital empowerment, deeply stimulate innovation potential, and strive to create a new ecology of intelligent manufacturing. A series of fast intelligent and new energy products represented by “Smart Travel”, “Easy Travel” and “Lanchi” have injected surging power into the development of China’s new energy commercial vehicles.


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