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The Explosion of New Energy Products

Oct 9, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

In recent years, as a leading drive train company that has taken the lead in developing new energy products and supporting supply, Fast has quickly adapted to the new market situation and met new competitive demands. With its strong technological innovation capabilities, Fast has a marketing team that is deeply involved in front-line competition. Ability, with absolute advantages to dominate the “new track”.

It is worth mentioning that among Fast’s pure electric power systems, electric drive axle products, hybrid power systems and other series of new energy products, there are already Lanchi FS4E200-2 electric drive system, FS4E250 electric drive system Star products such as these lead the market, and a full range of products are supplied to meet the needs of heavy trucks, medium trucks, light trucks and logistics vehicles, allowing Fast to realize the full range of commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and mining vehicles. Full coverage, with more than 50 supporting OEMs.




F12HA280-2 Fast Lanchi integrated hybrid transmission 2800NM AMT push clutch

All success comes from hard work; all luck comes from hard work! The reason why Fast’s new energy products are able to usher in a full-scale outbreak is that although there are factors driving market demand, what is more important is the company’s emphasis on and support for new energy, as well as the concerted efforts and collaborative cooperation of the marketing and R&D teams to quickly It is inevitable to respond to market demand and go all out to provide customers with the most reliable, efficient and valuable solutions.

Focusing on the main business is the responsibility of adhering to the original intention; changing with the times is the practice of long-term success. Although since 2006, Fast’s production and sales of heavy-duty transmissions have always ranked first in the world. However, under the guidance of crisis awareness and innovative spirit, Fast, which has always firmly adhered to the product development concept of “production generation, trial production generation, research and development generation, and conception generation”, strictly implements the iteration rule of “eliminates itself” and continues to Launch new products that conform to technological trends and meet user needs, as well as systematic and integrated solutions to adapt to the market.




FS4E250 pure electric drive system assembly

Be knowledgeable and make appointments. Accumulate and make progress. If the official launch of the new energy project in 2016 was a “seed” for the germination of the energy industry, then the groundbreaking of Fast’s medium- and light-duty transmission and new energy transmission projects on April 28, 2017 was a success. of cultivation. After several years of hard work, Fast’s new energy business is showing a booming trend. In 2022, the new energy market share will exceed 40%, ranking first in the industry. From January to August this year, Fast’s new energy market share was close to 50%, continuing to lead the industry. Through unremitting promotion by Marketing Tiejun, Fast’s new energy products are currently not only supporting mainstream commercial vehicle companies such as Jiefang, Foton, Shaanxi Automobile, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile, and Yutong, but also market upstarts such as Sany and Xugong. Shite launched in-depth cooperation.

According to Fast’s established strategic goals, during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the market sales revenue of Fast’s intelligent and new energy products will account for 30% of the company’s sales revenue. This means that the new energy sector has become an important “engine” in Fast’s high-quality development process.




F2HD45-P hybrid DHT system

During this Science and Technology Innovation Week, Fast showcased a variety of new energy products. Among them, the FS2EA480 Fast Lanchi electric drive axle assembly on display is not only the first electric drive axle product for domestic commercial vehicles to use dual oil-cooled, flat wire motors, but its range, weight, power density and other indicators also reach the It has reached the leading level in the industry and is the first of its kind in the commercial vehicle parts industry. The chassis integrated system on display also fully demonstrated the company’s in-depth transformation and breakthrough development as a systematic solution provider, and fully highlighted Fast’s strong scientific and technological research and development capabilities, strong equipment manufacturing capabilities, and keen market insight. 


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