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Shaanxi Fast Twin Countershaft Automated Manual Transmission

Shaanxi FAST Twin Countershaft AMT adopts the floating design of spindle and spindle gear. In order to meet the correct meshing and make the load evenly distributed as far as possible, the spindle gear is in radial floating state on the spindle, and the spindle and input shaft adopt floating structure. When working, the radial force of the two intermediate shaft gears on the main shaft gear is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction, and they cancel each other, so that the main shaft can only bear torque, but not bear bending moment, which improves the stress of the main shaft and bearing, and greatly improves the reliability and durability of the transmission. The floating result makes the gear automatically offset part of the manufacturing and assembly errors when meshing, and the meshing zone can easily meet the design requirements, which is beneficial to reduce noise and improve the durability.

Advantages of Twin Countershaft AMT

1.Main and auxiliary box combination design, multiple forward gear.
2.The main and auxiliary boxes are driven by double intermediate shafts, the main shaft and main shaft gear float, and the needle roller bearings on all main shaft gears are cancelled.
3.The axial size is small, the weight is light, the bearing capacity is large, the use is reliable, the maintenance is convenient.

Fast Twin Countershaft AMT Series Tranmisssion

This is the list of all series of Fast Twin Countershaft AMT Series Tranmisssion.


Fast 10JZSD120 AMT Transmission

Input Torque:1200 N.m
Maximum Speed:2600 RPM
Length:825.41 mm
Weight Iron/Al Alloy:275 Kg
Speed Ratio:14.872-11.009

Fast 10JZSD160 AMT Transmission

Input Torque:1600 N.m
Maximum Speed:2600 RPM
Length:857.00 mm
Weight Iron/Al Alloy:285 Kg
Speed Ratio:14.917-1.000

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