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What’s the Matter With the Transmission Overheating?

Jun 1, 2022 | Operation and Maintenance | 0 comments


1. The gear is affected by the shaft twist and leaves the opposite tooth position
2. Bearing damage
3. The inner ring of the front bearing of the auxiliary box and auxiliary shaft falls off
4. The oil level is too low
5. The oil level is too high
6. Poor quality of lubricating oil
7. The working inclination angle of the transmission is too large
8. Oil change is not timely
9. Mixed use of different oils

The long-term operating temperature of the transmission should not exceed 120°C. If this temperature is exceeded, the lubricating oil will deteriorate and the life of the transmission will be affected.

The transmission will generate a certain amount of heat due to the friction of the moving parts. Normal operating temperature is approximately 38°C above ambient temperature. Heat is dissipated through the transmission housing. If the heat dissipation is not normal, it will cause overheating.Before looking for the cause of overheating, the oil temperature gauge and oil temperature sensor must be checked to ensure that the reading of the oil temperature gauge is correct. Overheating is generally caused by the following reasons:

(1) Improper lubrication. The oil level is too high or too low, the grade of oil is wrong, or the working angle of the transmission exceeds 12°;
(2) The driving speed is usually below 32km/h;
(3) The engine speed is too high;
(4) The airflow around the transmission is obstructed because the transmission is enclosed between the frame, floor, fuel tank and installed in the large bumper assembly;
(5) The engine exhaust system is too close to the transmission;
(6) The ambient temperature is too high;
(7) Overloading and speeding.


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