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ZhiXing AMT Becomes the First Choice for Natural Gas Heavy Truck Users

Mar 1, 2024 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

In 2023, natural gas heavy trucks suddenly exploded. According to public data, from January to November, terminal sales of natural gas heavy truck market reached 145,800 units, a year-on-year increase of 332 %. Data shows that the market share of Fast Zhixing AMT supporting gas vehicles has exceeded 50 %, becoming the first choice for AMT in the natural gas heavy truck market.

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Independent innovation launches Fast·Zhixing integrated AMT

China’s AMT heavy truck market is exploding. As a giant in domestic commercial vehicle gearboxes, Fast has keenly grasped the market development trend and laid out the AMT market in advance. It has been deeply involved in this market segment for decades; it also adheres to the development concept of independent innovation. After years of research and development, it launched the French Shite Zhixing integrated AMT has successfully filled the technical gap in the field of independent research and development of integrated AMT for domestic commercial vehicles. It inherits the reliability and efficiency of manual transmission and integrates the comfort and intelligence of automatic transmission.

The research and development of Fast Zhixing relies on the national enterprise technology center – Fast Automotive Transmission Engineering Research Institute, and has won many honors such as the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the special prize of the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, and its scientific and technological achievements. For all to see.

Fast·Zhixing benchmarks against European and American products and the most advanced international technologies, and all performance indicators are equivalent; the electromechanical system is highly integrated and has a simple appearance; the system adopts a redundant design, with a lower failure rate; the casing adopts an all-aluminum alloy die-casting process to improve the mechanical performance Good; the main sealing gasket adopts a metal gasket, which has better sealing performance; the classic double intermediate shaft structure, the main box cancels the synchronizer and uses a sliding sleeve instead; it has rich software functions and is fully applicable to various models and working conditions.

At the same time, Fast Zhixing’s SCU adopts the mechatronics design concept, has a compact structure, is waterproof, dustproof, and earthquake-resistant; it can meet the ultra-long service life of 8 million gear shifts; the B10 design life is 2 million kilometers and has the highest transmission efficiency 99.8 %, both ranking first in the world. Compared with competing products, it has obvious generation difference and cost-effective advantages, representing the highest level of innovation and intelligent manufacturing of Fast. At the same time, it leads the industry in reducing costs and increasing efficiency, allowing more Chinese users experience the safety, efficiency and comfort of truck transportation.

Three major advantages help firmly rank first in the market segment

With the explosion of the natural gas heavy truck market, Fast Zhixing, the earliest integrated AMT matched with natural gas heavy trucks in China, has performed well and has a market share of over 50 %, ranking first in the market segment. It is understood that Fast Zhixing has completed the matching of about 30 natural gas engine models such as Weichai, Cummins, and Yuchai, including about 10 heavy truck companies including Shaanxi Automobile, Jiefang Qingqi Automobile, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile, and Sinotruk. Match completed.

Why is Fast Chihuahua so popular in the natural gas heavy truck market? First of all, according to relevant technical personnel, Fast Zhixing has a short release cycle. After testing on multiple types of engines, corresponding test calibration adjustments can be made for different brands of engines and different controllers. Currently, it only takes 2 weeks; at the same time, the test Comprehensive road conditions, including testing and verification on highways, mountainous areas, national highways and plateaus (above 3,000 meters above sea level).

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Thirdly, Fast Zhixing’s AMT logic optimization responds quickly. In view of the poor torque response delay characteristics of the natural gas engine itself, the AMT logic is adjusted to solve problems such as torque clearing, input shaft throw-up, speed fluctuations, etc. Special optimization is carried out; the calibration database is rich, there are many types of natural gas engine matching, and the matching experience is second to none in domestic sales.

Finally, Fast has a wide after-sales service layout and rapid market response. In response to problems reported by users, it can quickly solve the problems through software logic and hardware adjustments.

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Fast·Zhixing is recognized by natural gas heavy truck users

The rapid development of Fast Zhixing lies not only in its technological content and market share, but also in the tangible benefits that users gain from operations. Take the recent hot-selling natural gas heavy trucks as an example. Compared with competing products, the natural gas consumption of Fast Zhixing is reduced by 1.5 kg, effectively reducing user operating costs and improving economic benefits. According to statistics, Fast Zhixing’s integrated design saves 3 % of fuel compared to the previous generation’s modular design, and it can save 6 % of fuel compared to manual transmission products.

Fast Zhixing has functions such as predictive driving, off-road mode, creeping mode, economic mode, enhanced mode, coasting and anti-rolling based on Beidou navigation, and can provide users with more scientific and appropriate solutions under different working conditions. , achieving more intelligent, safe and energy-saving driving.

Therefore, users generally believe that Fast Zhixing is easy to operate, comfortable to drive, safe and reliable, and can maintain good performance and stability whether during driving or after driving for a long time, or under various road conditions and load conditions. , providing drivers with a more comfortable working environment.

At the same time, compared with competing products, the biggest advantage of Fast Zhixing is its high cost performance. To put it simply, compared with imported brands, Fast · Zhixing has similar performance indicators, but its price advantage is very obvious, and its service is more convenient and efficient. Compared with other brands, Fast · Zhixing has obvious generation difference advantages, especially It’s about reliability.

In addition, Fast has an obvious advantage in AMT, that is, one-stop supply. Fast can provide an integrated delivery solution of clutch + AMT + power take-off + hydraulic retarder + oil. At the same time, AMT There are also multiple series of products from 10 to 16 gears, with more guaranteed quality, higher reliability and safety.

Industry insiders predict that natural gas heavy trucks will continue to sell well in the next two to three years, with the total market volume exceeding 1.5 million units. Fast Zhixing will rely on its excellent performance to gain recognition from more natural gas heavy truck users. “It is Fast’s mission to allow every truck driver to have an AMT that is trustworthy, affordable, and easy to use,” said the relevant person in charge of Fast.

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