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Fast in China, FAST in The World

Jun 20, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Traditional energy is the past and the present, and new energy is the present and the future. Standing at the intersection of today, we must not only summarize the past, but also look forward to the future. Exploring why Fast has achieved rapid breakthroughs in the field of new energy can not be traced back to the source without Fast’s decades of focus and investment. Although the energy sources are different, the operation mode in the field of trucks will always develop along a unique track without deviating from it. It can quickly achieve results in the field of new energy. Fast has a better understanding of the close relationship with China’s transportation market.
One product is better than another, and one generation is better than another. Taking a look at the product chronology of Fast, it is not difficult to find that Fast has made solid progress in every step of its development. Not blindly, not exaggerated, and do a good job in each product steadily, Fast always speaks with the product. Respect every tiny demand of customers, meticulously polish every detail, and make great strides. From the first introduction of “double intermediate shafts and main and auxiliary boxes” structure multi-block box to now occupying the leading position in domestic AMT, Fast has praised it Ruchao’s classic products from generation to generation have become the banner and benchmark of China’s heavy truck gearbox industry.

Acknowledging the gap is a kind of mind, finding out the gap is a kind of realm, and narrowing the gap is a kind of ability. Fast people always believe that they are the ones who understand Chinese transporters better. Research, project approval, research and development, testing, and improvement have become the most mainstream AMT gearbox brand in China. The integrated AMT gearbox developed by Fasttech not only breaks the monopoly of foreign technology, but also has a high degree of independent intellectual property rights, and significantly reduces Relying on the existing mechanical transmission production line, combined with my country’s market conditions, it has filled the gap in the domestic AMT market with advanced performance and high cost performance, and made domestic heavy-duty transmission products greatly improved from “Made in China”. Towards “Made in China”.


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Everything speaks with market performance. A series of high-end, automated and environmentally friendly new products such as hydraulic automatic transmission, hydraulic retarder and pure electric transmission system independently developed and produced by Fast have broken the monopoly pattern of international giants, and have the advantage of cost-effective products. In the first five months of this year, Fast’s sales revenue exceeded 42%, and its export earnings exceeded 67%.

Benchmarking international standards and strictly controlling product quality, Fast has won the recognition of more and more domestic and foreign users, and has been selected as a designated supporting product for thousands of models of more than 150 OEMs at home and abroad, and is gradually moving towards the world The middle and high end of the value chain. As Fast has successfully joined the global supply chain system of Daimler, Caterpillar, Eaton and other world-renowned automobile and parts companies, its international influence has continued to expand and its international development process has continued to accelerate.



If you have any other questions, welcome to contact EMAC for more information on Fast.


In addition, Fast Thailand, which was put into production in October 2014, is currently the only heavy-duty transmission manufacturer in ASEAN, and has become the exclusive transmission supplier of Thailand UD Truck Company. Up to now, Fast Thailand has produced more than 50,000 sets of various transmissions. This year, it has successfully introduced Fast’s new generation of new energy powertrains into the Thai market and won an order for 500 sets of new energy powertrains.

Advanced product design concept, mature manufacturing process, and strict quality management system ensure the reliability and stability of all fast new products. The advantages of technology, software, products, services and integration at the same time also make Fast have stronger competitiveness than ever in the new era.

In 2023, Faster’s full-spectrum products have entered the high-quality development track, and are establishing a new development model for the coordinated development of traditional energy and new energy dual driving forces. Taking advantage of the trend of the times, standing up to the tide and dancing, Fast 2023, which is constantly striving, will surely make steady progress.


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